Open for application from the Minerva Foundation 2024

The application period is 2.4.2024 – 2.5.2024.

More information:

 Medix Prize of the Minerva Foundation

The Medix Prize is awarded annually for an excellent Finnish scientific study published as one article during the previous year (now 2023). The study has to represent biomedicine or clinical medicine and to be performed entirely or in its essential parts in Finland. The sum awarded is 20.000 EUR.

 Ralph Gräsbeck Grant for Research in Laboratory Medicine

The Ralph Gräsbeck grant is awarded for a scientist who has defended his/her doctoral thesis during the past seven years in the field of clinical laboratory medicine and continued doing innovative and high quality research in the same field. The sum awarded is 10.000 EUR.

 Selma and Maja-Lisa Selander’s Fund for Research in Odontology

From Selma and Maja-Lisa Selander’s fund 15-20 grants are awarded yearly for research in odontology. This grant can be applied by individual researchers or research groups.