Prizes and Grants

Grant applications and prize proposals must be submitted through an online application system during the application period. Information about the prizes and grants awarded by the Minerva Foundation and their application periods are listed below.


Medix Prize – Proposal period 1.4. – 2.5.2023

Selma and Maja-Lisa Selander’s Fund – Application period 1.4. – 2.5.2023

Medix Prize of the Minerva Foundation 

Medix Prize is awarded yearly for excellent Finnish scientific research, which has been published the previous year in an internationally reviewed  scientific journal. The prize winning article has to be from the field of biomedicine or clinical medicine and carried out as a whole or for most parts in Finland. The amount of Medix Prize is 20 000 EUR. The first Medix Prize was awarded year 1988.

You can propose to Medix Prize award recipient an article published year 2022. The proposed publication may have one or several authors; In the latter case the prize will be shared among the authors. Review articles are not eligible for the prize; Of Ph.D. theses compiled of several articles only the individual original publications can be considered for the prize. Scientists’ proposals for awarding their own work are also welcomed.

The Rector of the University of Helsinki or his representative will give out the prize in autumn. The venue and date of the event are announced in due course. At the prize awarding event the winner will give a lecture on the content and significance of the awarded article.

Minerva Foundation’s Bror-Axel Lamberg Prize in Endocrinology

Minerva Foundation’s Bror-Axel Lamberg Prize in Endocrinology is a 10.000 EUR prize awarded every other year in the Annual Meeting of the Finnish Endocrine Society to a distinguished Finnish or Nordic scientist in the field of endocrinology. The first prize, year 2017, is honored to a Finnish scientist. The Finnish Endocrine Society nominates three candidates for the prize from whom the Minerva Foundation selects the winner.

Ralph Gräsbeck Grant for Research in Laboratory Medicine

The Ralph Gräsbeck grant is awarded every other year for a scientist who has defended his/her doctoral thesis during the past seven years in the field of laboratory medicine and continued doing innovative and high quality research in the same field. The sum awarded  is 10.000 EUR.

To apply for a scholarship, you must have completed your dissertation project in the field of clinical laboratory medicine within the last seven years. The grant must be applied for as an individual, working groups cannot apply for the grant.

Selma and Maja-Lisa Selander’s Fund for Research in Odontology

From Selma and Maja-Lisa Selander’s fund 10 – 20 grants are awarded yearly to research in odontology. Individuals and working groups can apply for the grant.

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