Group Leader Positions at the Minerva Institute

Positions (1-2) for research group leaders (PIs) with their own group are open at the Minerva Foundation Institute for Medical Research, Biomedicum Helsinki, Finland.

The overarching aims of the Minerva Institute are to contribute 1) novel fundamental knowledge and mechanistic insight, 2) innovations for the development of future diagnostic methods, and 3) preventive measures and treatments for common diseases. The Institute’s current focus areas are metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and neurodegenerative or neuropsychiatric disorders. The research aims at elucidating fundamental molecular mechanisms underlying the diseases with “state-of-the-art” technologies ranging from cell cultures and genetically engineered animal models to clinical study of human subjects. Detailed information on the Institute’s research is available at

Minerva Institute will provide the salary of 1-2 group leaders (a 100% research position and/or a 50% researcher position for a clinician) for 5 years, with interim evaluation after 3 years. The contract will be renewable depending on peer-review. In addition to the group leader’s salary, Minerva provides a starting package, laboratory space, basic laboratory supplies and equipment as well as administrative services. The PI is expected to support the group members and the group’s operational activities with external funds.

Applications should be sent to prof. Vesa Olkkonen at, by March 15, 2021, and include

1. Information on whether a 100% or 50% position is applied.
2. The applicant’s CV.
3. A full list of publications, with the 10 most important publications highlighted, Web of Science H-index, and citations (excluding self).
4. A research plan for the next 5 years, max 5 pages.



For inquiries please feel free to contact prof. Vesa Olkkonen, tel. +358 50 4112297 or