Medix Prize of the Minerva Foundation for Biosciences 2021

AWARD AVAILABLE FOR APPLICATION The Medix Prize is awarded annually for an excellent Finnish scientific study published as one article during the previous year (now 2020). The study has to represent biomedicine or clinical medicine and to be performed entirely or in its essential parts in Finland. The Rector of the University of Helsinki orContinue reading “Medix Prize of the Minerva Foundation for Biosciences 2021”

Selma and Maja-Lisa Selander’s Fund for Research in Odontology 2021

GRANTS AVAILABLE FOR APPLICATION From Selma and Maja-Lisa Selander’s fund 15-20 grants are awarded. The deadline for the applications is 3.5.2021 at 16.00. The applications are sent electronically to Professor Vesa Olkkonen, The application should include the applicant’s CV, publication list and a research plan (max five pages). For Ph.D. students the application shouldContinue reading “Selma and Maja-Lisa Selander’s Fund for Research in Odontology 2021”

Group Leader Positions at the Minerva Institute

Positions (1-2) for research group leaders (PIs) with their own group are open at the Minerva Foundation Institute for Medical Research, Biomedicum Helsinki, Finland. The overarching aims of the Minerva Institute are to contribute 1) novel fundamental knowledge and mechanistic insight, 2) innovations for the development of future diagnostic methods, and 3) preventive measures andContinue reading “Group Leader Positions at the Minerva Institute”

The Minerva Foundation’s Medix Prize 2020 awarded to a research group from the University of Helsinki

STEM CELLS CAN BE REJUVENATED BY INHIBITING SIGNALS FROM NEIGHBOURING CELLS  The Minerva Foundation’s Medix Prize, worth €20,000, has been awarded to a team researching the rejuvenation of the functioning of aged tissue by inhibiting signals between stem cells and their niche cells. The prize was awarded for an article published in the science journalContinue reading “The Minerva Foundation’s Medix Prize 2020 awarded to a research group from the University of Helsinki”

Ralph Gräsbeck Scholarship for Research in Laboratory Medicine

The 2020 Ralph Gräsbeck Scholarship for Research in Laboratory Medicine is awarded to M.D., Ph.D., Panu Luukkonen at Department of Internal Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, USA. The Ralph Gräsbeck Scholarship is granted to Luukkonen for his research “A mendelian randomization study of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in humans”.  The Ralph GräsbeckContinue reading “Ralph Gräsbeck Scholarship for Research in Laboratory Medicine”

Säätiöiden Covid-19 apurahapäätökset

Säätiöiden Covid-19 pooli on tehnyt päätöksensä rahoitettavista hankkeista, joista luettelo ohessa. Poolissa olivat mukana Vainion säätiö, Paulon säätiö, Suomen Lääketieteen säätiö ja Minervasäätiö.  Hakemuksia tuli peräti 180 kappaletta, joka on suuri määrä, kun otetaan huomioon lyhyt hakuaika. Hakemukset olivat erittäin hyviä, joten valinta oli vaikeaa. Painotimme korkean tieteellisen tason lisäksi menossa olevia tai nopeasti aloitettaviaContinue reading “Säätiöiden Covid-19 apurahapäätökset”

Minerva Foundation’s Bro-Axel Lamberg Prize in Endocrinology 2019

The 2019 Bror-Axel Lamberg Prize in Endocrinology was awarded to Professor of Medical Endocrinology Ulla Feldt-Rasmussen at Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark. The prize is 10.000€ and this was the second time the prize was awarded.The award ceremony took place on Wednesday, 31 October 2019, on the 71th Annual Meeting of the Finnish Endocrine Society. The directorContinue reading “Minerva Foundation’s Bro-Axel Lamberg Prize in Endocrinology 2019”